J. M. Zambrano

The Trophy HunterI was born in Los Angles, California and graduated California State University at Los Angeles with a degree in Business Administration.  Prior to graduation, I was a single parent and (briefly) a deputy sheriff for Los Angeles County.  Quite a juggling act!


After graduation, I put aside my lifelong dream of writing for a living and became a CPA.  In the 80s, I moved with my children to Colorado where we raised Arabian horses.  Like creative writing, raising horses was a dream I'd always had, but it surely wasn't a money maker.  I could not seem to achieve the proper mindset: selling my horses felt like selling my children.  I still have one left--horse, that is.  The adult children are flourishing.

All the time, I wrote and wrote.  And queried and queried, hoping someday to be able to put the CPA days behind me.  I completed twelve screenplays, got an agent who succeeded in getting one screenplay optioned--but it was never produced.

Then came e-books!

The Trophy Hunter is my first published novel, adapted from a screenplay I wrote about ten years ago.  In crafting the Hunter's personality, I relied considerably on the writings of Dr. Robert Hare, a Canadian psychologist whose work in the area of psychopathy is widely known.